Walter Kober is a well-known German photographer with a diverse portfolio that includes various genres such as portrait, fashion, still life, architectural, and landscape photography. He is also a filmmaker and creative director. 

In the 70s he worked as a fashion photographer for prestigious magazines such as Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, and Vogue España. 

In the 80s he photographed supermodels such as Claudia Schiffer, Andie McDowell, Tatiana Patitz, and Carla Bruni in New York for covers of Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, and Elle. 

In the '90s, Kober moved to Paris and opened NPC Studio. 

His work focuses on using composition to bring out concealed aspects, whether in architectural photographs, landscapes, or portraits.

This is especially evident in his portraits of well-known colleagues such as Andre Kertesz, Ralph Gibson, Albert Watson, Arthor Elgort, Gunther Sachs, Nobuyoishi Araki, Yousuf Karsh and Eugene Smith. 


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